[Infographic] Monstera Deliciosa Basic Care Guide

This infographic covers the 5 main factors behind healthy Monstera deliciosa growth including light, soil, temperature, humidity and watering requirements.
Darren T'ngSat May 29 2021

Monstera Deliciosa Basic Care Guide with Infographics

Nicknamed "the Swiss Cheese Plant", the Monstera Deliciosas has become a famous houseplant and is known mostly for its large, beautiful and unusual natural leaf holes. That said, despite its eclectic appearance, the Monstera deliciosa has been found to be amazing houseplant for beginner plant owners due to its relatively low care requirements and its air purifying capabilities.

In this short and sweet infographic, we go through the basic care requirements of the Monstera deliciosa. Following this guide will ensure that your Monstera deliciosa survives and perhaps even thrives. However, should you be looking for a more detailed version, we've prepared The Ultimate Monstera Deliciosa Care Guide in 2021, which includes everything from basic care requirements to a step-by-step break down in propagation as well as common problems and fixes you will commonly face as you grow the Monstera deliciosa.

Fun-fact: The holes in the Monstera deliciosa has been found by Christopher D. Muir, in a paper published in The American Naturalist, to help the plants capture light more dependably in unpredictable situations.

The infographic summarises basic light, soil, water, temperature and humidity requirements, along with the most commonly known method of propagation. Take a look at the infographic below:

Monstera Deliciosa Basic Plant Care Infographic.jpg

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